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About Changing Our Lives

Changing Our Lives is a rights-based organisation.

We challenge social injustice and health inequalities. We work alongside disabled people and people with experience of mental health difficulties to make an ordinary life possible.

All of our work is rooted in the social model of disability and the belief that no one is too disabled and no one’s mental health is too complex to lead an ‘ordinary life’.

Areas of Work

Whether we are working with individuals or working at a more strategic level, people are the heart of all we do. We adapt our approaches to best suit the priorities of the individuals and communities we are working with, and the nature of the issue we are tackling. These are our some of current areas of work:

Our blog

Our blog is not only reflective of the commitment and drive Changing Our Lives has to upholding social justice, but is also an expression of the passions of individual staff members and Associates. We know that when oppression and inequality are challenged, it’s necessary to ruffle feathers and not everyone is going to agree with us. We accept this and any challenges that come our way.